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Ciałogranie – 2022

Ciałogranie is a performance of Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, performed by Elżbieta Bieda and Adriana Paprocka, produced by Teatr Baj in Warsaw. Premiere was on 5th of november 2022, it’s currently on display. It’s a piece for babies and children from 0 to 3 years old, it’s about the body and the way we can feel it with our senses, feel ourselves in the inside by heartbeating, breathing, digesting… More infos here.

Here are a few tracks made for the piece :

Uteri Migrantes – 2022

Performance of Renata Piotrowska-Auffret , performed by Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska & guests. Premiere in Warsaw 13/10/2022 (Festival Ciało/Umysł) and in Berlin 20/10/2022 (Festival Dock 11). Co-Production : KVS Theater, Bruxelles – Dans i Trøndelag, Verdal, Norway – Łaźnia Nowa Theater, Krakow – Festival Ciało/Umysł, Warsaw – Festival Dock 11, Berlin.

It’s a piece about women, about female body, about uterus, about aging. More infos here.

Here a track made for the piece :

Gdzie się kryją zmysły? -2022

Piece of Renata Piotrowska-Auffret about the five senses, performed by Magda Fejdasz and Dana Chmielewska, produced by Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. Premiere was on the 4h of june 2022, and currently on display. It is a family performance for children 4+ with accompanied by adults. More infos here.

Here are a few tracks made for the piece :

A Long As We Dance – 2022

As Long as We Dance is a piece of Renata Piotrowska-Auffret produced by Studio Hrdinu in Prague. It’s a piece made during and after pandemia of Covid, and talking about the lockdown, the difficulties of working as an artist and a woman, the lack of being together and dancing.

On stage are performing Cécile Da Costa, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Zuzana Sceranková, Johana Schmidtmajerová, Veronika Švábová and Diana Toniková.

All the music was composed by Simon Auffret, you have more infos about the piece here and a few tracks to listen here :

Danse Macabre – 2021

For the piece « Danse Macabre » created by Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, and produced by Teatr IM. Jana Kochanowskiego in Opole (Poland) I made a video. I recorded on camera then I edited a sequence played with videoprojector during the piece. More infos here.

Here some photos from this video :

Le Combat Ne Doit Pas Cesser – 2020

Le combat ne doit pas cesser : Eloi Machoro, un super-héros pour Kanaky is a radiophonic documentary realised by Benoit Godin. It is a series of 6 episodes, around 1 hour each, about Eloi Machoro, a figure of the independantist Kanak movement, still fighting for the independance of French Nouvelle-Caledonie. He was murdered by the french police in 1985.

For this documentary I made original music and final mix. Here a few tracks used in the documentary :

And here all documentary :

At this adress you’ll find a short version (48 minutes) made for a radio show of RFI/Radio France, Si Loin Si Proche, with music I made for the documentary.

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